Human Capital

The vision to see an opportunity and take-on and manage special risks in a timely fashion, make the critical difference.  These are the fundamentals of any successful investment.


Capital and resources alone does not ensure a successful company.

Human Capital Solutions from Magnus Associates create value for organizations by supporting transitions and by optimizing performance. Combining our expertise in business and our knowledge of people, we can address subtle, difficult and sensitive topics that hold organizations back, or ones they just don’t have time to fully address. Our solutions immediately release energy to help move the organization forward and add value to the bottom line.

Are you wondering how you and your business can do better next quarter?

When your company is ready for change, Magnus’ years of experience mean we can help you do it efficiently and with exceptional results. We help you assess, transition or create leadership accurately and with faster results while saving you money in the end. As management psychologists and consultants, we have a deep understanding of the complexities of human behavior in business settings. As experienced business people, we know how to translate that psychological perspective into practical and strategic value. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of high-level leaders. Our professionals become trusted advisors to the CEOs of the majority of our clients. Among these leaders, we are known for candor — an honesty, directness and willingness to challenge that has real value at the senior level. 

Magnus is invited by its client organizations to assist them in matters of critical importance and core strategic value. We assist our clients to clearly articulate strategy and to ensure that resources and systems are aligned with this intent to maximize the fundamental requirements of their projects at each life cycle stage.

Business Services

Magnus believes in passionate engagement. We value ideas, view our clients as partners with whom we share the excitement of discovery and growth, insist on the truth and seek to catalyze transformation. Magnus Consultants form relationships with our clients based on trust, accountability, and transparency. We are committed with high integrity to values of respect, balance, and creativity. We have specific practices in the following areas:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Executive Development
  • Senior Team Effectiveness
  • Board and CEO Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Transition Management
  • Mediation and Negotiation
  • EAP Programs


We are a firm of management professionals who work closely with senior executives to accelerate individual, team, and business performance.

Magnus professionals have a deep history in management psychology and business expertise.