• Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Rapid-growth
  • Restructuring events
  • Succession planning

We respond with the intensity and service level that your vision and needs will require. 

Here is a list of some of our activities:

Strategic Planning and Analysis

Market Planning and Analysis

Financial Planning, Analysis, and Reporting

Turnaround Management

Fund Sourcing

Operational and Organizational Restructuring

Operational Management and Cost Optimization

Implementation and Project Management

Preparation of Company for Sale

Succession Planning

Realignment with Lenders and Creditors

Leadership and Management Sourcing

HR Strategy and Assessment

R & D Strategy

Product Portfolio Analysis

The end result of these processes is often greater clarity, more focused organizational will, executed decisions made with confidence and understanding, and a clear path to achieving the desired goals.

Magnus also implements the strategic plans that it develops in collaboration with its clients.  Oftne the path is new and must be defined and executed for some time before the permanent organization can be built around it, to leverage the new activity appropriately.  When Magnus partners with its clients, we are there for the long haul.


These situations often have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • The founder has been highly successful in building a business over a period of years or decades.
  • The founder is approaching retirement age and is interested in monetizing some of his or her success, requiring external capital.
  • The business is partly reliant on the founder’s relationships and know-how. Time and expertise is needed to transition to new management and establish systems that will allow the business to succeed without the founder’s day to day involvement.
  • Despite wishing to begin a transition process, the founder remains passionate about the business and wishes to ensure its continued success, perhaps participating after the transaction in an advisory role and as a shareholder.
  • A management team wishes to prepare for a transition in the company through a buy-out.

Magnus is well suited to executing transactions with these characteristics.

These situations require establishing trust and mutual respect with the founders of a business and working closely with them to finalize a transaction that will meet their needs and the needs of the company. Entrepreneurial transitions are also excellent opportunities for Magnus to create value. The addition of new capital and additional expertise to a business can help drive its performance to a higher level during our investment period.