Magnus accelerates good decisions

If your organization is facing a complex challenge, you need a partner you can trust.

Magnus Associates are high level integrators who work with industry consortia, municipalities, universities, small and large organizations across many sectors.

We bring you solid strategic expertise, a range of in-depth services and our promise to work with you every step of the way. Magnus’s reputation as a trusted partner and as a knowledgeable builder of organizations makes us a leading choice of founders, management teams and organizations in our market, often providing us with semi-proprietary transaction opportunities.

Transition Management

We will provide you with greater clarity, more focused organizational will and executed decisions. 


Human Capital

We have significant expertise in human elements in business and clinical work.


Innovation, Technology, & Commercialization

Magnus professionals have a deep history in these topics.


Economic Development

Obtain an independent anaylsis of a market, a sector and a cluster and then create a strategy from that information. 


The way we work:


We help you define the challenge, its impact and a range of outcomes.  We bring an outsider’s perspective, built on a vast number of related experiences, and can often expand your options.  We’ll help you develop a clear and practical plan to implement actions that drive the company toward the best outcome.  And if it makes sense for you, we’ll roll up our sleeves and help your team put that plan into action.  Evaluate, advise, implement, partner – you decide on the level of our involvement.

The way we work:


Magnus is recognized for delivering a high level of strategic thinking that is practical and actionable.  Our objective perspective can bring you restructuring alternatives you haven’t considered.  And our hands-on experience brings critical leadership to implementation in high-pressured business environments.  Together, we will think through the financial, operational, human resource and market implications of the alternatives you are considering.

The way we work:


Magnus partners with CEOs, Boards of Directors and executive managers to solve financial and operational challenges that will have long term consequences.  The best turnaround solutions are the ones that recognize the needs of all constituents and that build consensus.

To bring a concept to fruition is a process that requires organization, teamwork and confident decision making.  Each detail demands attention while keeping a total focus on the end game.

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